I need .5 instead of .3 on total time on time sheet

I need to make the total time at the end of the week show .5 (39.5 hours)
 not .3 (39.3 hours)
9/29/2004 6:33:06 PM
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What formula? What value of the source cells? What formatting?


Kind Regards,

Niek Otten

Microsoft MVP - Excel

"Anthonyt65" <Anthonyt65@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
>I need to make the total time at the end of the week show .5 (39.5 hours)
> not .3 (39.3 hours) 

nicolaus (2022)
9/29/2004 6:37:14 PM

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
"Anthonyt65" <Anthonyt65@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> I need to make the total time at the end of the week show .5 (39.5 hours)
>  not .3 (39.3 hours)

9/29/2004 6:50:14 PM

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

"Anthonyt65" <Anthonyt65@discussions.microsoft.com> schrieb im
Newsbeitrag news:0B4BFDEF-6625-42E9-ACC3-143C5C8C8832@microsoft.com...
> I need to make the total time at the end of the week show .5 (39.5
>  not .3 (39.3 hours)

frank.kabel (11126)
9/29/2004 9:52:54 PM

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