How to total items if they fall between a date range

I have a range of items that fall under a date range.  
I am trying to total the items that fall under a certian date range.

        20-Apr-05        25-Apr-05     1-May-05     16-May-05
A       $1.00              $0.00            $0.00           $0.00
B       $19.00             $0.00            $10.00         $0.00
C       $0.00              $5.00            $0.00           $0.00
D       $0.00              $0.00            $0.00           $20.00
total   $20.00            $5.00            $10.00         $20.00

If dates fall between 1-Apr-05 and 30-Apr-05, total totals = $25.00
If dates fall between 1-May-01 and 31-May-05, total totals = $30.00
If dates fall in the year 2005, total totals = $55.00

How do I do this?

Cel (4)
5/17/2005 5:15:48 PM
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On Tue, 17 May 2005 10:15:48 -0700, cel <> wrote:

>I have a range of items that fall under a date range.  
>I am trying to total the items that fall under a certian date range.
>        20-Apr-05        25-Apr-05     1-May-05     16-May-05
>A       $1.00              $0.00            $0.00           $0.00
>B       $19.00             $0.00            $10.00         $0.00
>C       $0.00              $5.00            $0.00           $0.00
>D       $0.00              $0.00            $0.00           $20.00
>total   $20.00            $5.00            $10.00         $20.00
>If dates fall between 1-Apr-05 and 30-Apr-05, total totals = $25.00
>If dates fall between 1-May-01 and 31-May-05, total totals = $30.00
>If dates fall in the year 2005, total totals = $55.00
>How do I do this?

Assume your row of dates is NAME'd "Date"  and your total row is NAME'd

The formula would be:


ronrosenfeld (3122)
5/17/2005 6:30:51 PM

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