How to share info from one file to another?

I am wondering how I can share something perhaps from a cell of "file 1
to "file 2."  I am familiar with how to do it from worksheet t
worksheet within a single file.  From what I have heard I know that i
can be done but both files have to be located in the same folder.
Correct me if I am wrong and please tell me briefly how it can be done
I appologize if this is a newbie question.  Thanks     Chip Carlto

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1/4/2006 3:18:59 PM
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Open both workbooks.

Select the "sending" cell in the first workbook's worksheet

select the "receiving" cell in the second workbook's worksheet
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ChipCarlton wrote:
> I am wondering how I can share something perhaps from a cell of "file 1"
> to "file 2."  I am familiar with how to do it from worksheet to
> worksheet within a single file.  From what I have heard I know that it
> can be done but both files have to be located in the same folder.
> Correct me if I am wrong and please tell me briefly how it can be done.
> I appologize if this is a newbie question.  Thanks     Chip Carlton
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Dave Peterson
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1/5/2006 1:13:23 AM

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