How to clear up useless content within worksheet?

When I copy and paste the whole worksheet for editing, and delete some 
useless content, but I find out the file size of worksheet is almost the 
same, I am delete half of useless content already, so the file size should be 
reduced, does anyone have any suggestions on how to clear up hidden useless 
content to reduce the file size?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions
5/31/2010 3:19:01 AM
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One better? way is NOT to copy/paste the entire sheet but only the target 
To clean-up, think you'd need to select all cols to the right of your target 
area*, then DELETE these. Then do similar action for all rows below your 
target area. Then save the file to complete the clean-up.

*select the entire col (the 1st "empty" col), then press CTRL+SHIFT+Right 
arrow, right-click > Delete
For rows, do similar action: 
select the entire row (the 1st "empty" row), then press CTRL+SHIFT+Down 
arrow, right-click > Delete
"Eric" wrote:
> When I copy and paste the whole worksheet for editing, and delete some 
> useless content, but I find out the file size of worksheet is almost the 
> same, I am delete half of useless content already, so the file size should be 
> reduced, does anyone have any suggestions on how to clear up hidden useless 
> content to reduce the file size?
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions
> Eric
5/31/2010 3:39:01 AM

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