How to change the "Save As" default path

When I open a preexisting file in Excel and choose to save it under a new
name, "Save As", the default path displayed is "C:\My Documents".  How can
I set it so that the path displayed is the last one accessed?

2/14/2004 4:31:02 PM
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Go to Tools|Options
Choose the General Tab
Change the file path for the default file location
You'll need to know the whole path ahead of time because you have to type it out yourself
If you have folder set to display the whole file path in the address bar, I'd suggest navigating to that folder in Explorer, then copying the whole path

You can set folders to display the full path in Explorer by going to Tools|Folder Options. Chossed the View tab and  check Display Full Path in Title Bar


anonymous (74722)
2/14/2004 4:51:05 PM
You can't change the default path to the last one used.  You'll need to
decide on the one most frequently used and change the default path to that -

Click on <Tools><Options><General>
In <Default file location> type in path (e.g. c:\bill)
Click on <OK>

This will, at least, reduce the number of times you'll need to use <Save

Bill Ridgeway
Computer Solutions
"Serious" <> wrote in message
> When I open a preexisting file in Excel and choose to save it under a new
> name, "Save As", the default path displayed is "C:\My Documents".  How can
> I set it so that the path displayed is the last one accessed?

2/21/2004 9:10:41 AM

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