How to add same names in the numeral count in the next sheet

How to add same names in the numeral count in the next sheet,find the below 
i have copied..

Sheet 1
S \ No	Facility Name	Vendor Name
1	CDC - 1	SLS
2	CDC - 1	SLS
3	CDC - 1	SLS
4	CDC - 1	SLS
5	CDC - 1	SLS
6	CDC - 1	SLS
7	CDC - 1	SLS
8	CDC - 1	SLS
9	CDC - 1	SLS
10	CDC - 1	SLS
11	CDC - 1	MM
12	CDC - 1	MM
13	CDC - 1	MM
14	CDC - 1	MM
15	CDC - 1	MM
16	CDC - 1	MM
17	CDC - 1	MM
18	CDC - 1	MM
19	CDC - 1	MM
20	CDC - 1	MM
21	CDC - 1	MM
22	CDC - 1	MM

Date	1-Dec	2-Dec
SLS	6	4
MM	14	13
NPT	19	18
IPT	9	10
SSRM	19	21
SRS	17	17
Cabs Operated	84	83

1/4/2010 7:23:01 AM
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