How do identify a blank cell in a formula

Example:  IF(s69=blank,"Void"....

What I want to say is if a cell, (s69in this example) is blank, enter the 
word "Void"

but the above way don't work - I don't know how to enter that in this IF 
Barb123 (4)
12/6/2004 5:37:09 PM
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Barb, here is one way
Paul B
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"Barb123" <> wrote in message
> Example:  IF(s69=blank,"Void"....
> What I want to say is if a cell, (s69in this example) is blank, enter the
> word "Void"
> but the above way don't work - I don't know how to enter that in this IF
> formula. 

12/6/2004 5:42:21 PM

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

Barb123 wrote:
> Example:  IF(s69=blank,"Void"....
> What I want to say is if a cell, (s69in this example) is blank, enter
> the word "Void"
> but the above way don't work - I don't know how to enter that in this
> IF formula.

frank.kabel (11126)
12/6/2004 5:44:21 PM

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 09:37:09 -0800, "Barb123"
<> wrote:

>Example:  IF(s69=blank,"Void"....
>What I want to say is if a cell, (s69in this example) is blank, enter the 
>word "Void"
>but the above way don't work - I don't know how to enter that in this IF 

anonymous (74722)
12/6/2004 5:50:51 PM

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