How do I select multiple rows randomly in MS Excel?

How do I select multiple rows randomly in MS Excel?
Varun (17)
4/18/2005 5:04:07 AM
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Select your first row and then hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the 


"Varun" wrote:

> How do I select multiple rows randomly in MS Excel?
4/18/2005 6:26:02 AM
"Varun" <> wrote
> How do I select multiple rows randomly in MS Excel?

Just another angle to the post's interp ..
(with emphasis on "randomly")

Here's an example set-up to play with ..

Assume we have 6 rows of data below
in Sheet1's A1:C6:

Data1 Text1 Desc1
Data2 Text2 Desc2
Data3 Text3 Desc3
Data4 Text4 Desc4
Data5 Text5 Desc5
Data6 Text6 Desc6

In an empty col to the right, say col E?
Put in E1: =RAND()
Copy down to E6

In Sheet2
Let's say we want to randomly select
any 3 rows from the 6 in Sheet1

Put in A1

Copy across to C1, fill down to C3

A1:C3 will return the desired random selection of 3 rows

Tapping the F9 key will re-generate another random selection

Freeze the results elsewhere
with a copy > paste special > values

And if more random selections are needed,
just fill down A1:C1 further to C4 or C5 or
to C6 which returns a full shuffle of all the 6 rows in Sheet1

Adapt to suit ..
xl 97
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demechanik (4694)
4/18/2005 7:10:22 AM

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