How do I overlay text to a row without loosing the text in the ba.

I would like to know how to give an entire row (or column) a text overlay 
such as "VOID" and still be able to view the text in the underlaying row (or 

Thanks in advance.
Charles (140)
1/31/2005 5:13:05 PM
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Use WordArt from the Drawing toolbar.  Change the Fill to None.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP
"Bruce Charles" <Bruce> wrote in message
|I would like to know how to give an entire row (or column) a text overlay
| such as "VOID" and still be able to view the text in the underlaying row 
| column).
| Thanks in advance. 

jrrech (1932)
1/31/2005 5:38:54 PM
Here are some examples


Peo Sjoblom

"Bruce Charles" wrote:

> I would like to know how to give an entire row (or column) a text overlay 
> such as "VOID" and still be able to view the text in the underlaying row (or 
> column).
> Thanks in advance.
PeoSjoblom (789)
1/31/2005 6:16:38 PM

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