how do i open a read-only or encrypted file in excel?

i am trying to open an excel file but get the message 
" excel cannot access this file, it may be read-only or encrypted"

how do i open it??

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11/28/2005 12:43:01 AM
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If it is read only, then that shouldn't be a problem.  Excel opens read
only files every day of the week.

Encryption is a different matter.  The file may have been encrypted by
encryption sofware other than Excel, and the .xls file extension left

Or, this from the Excel Help files may provide a clue for you.

I get an 'encryption scheme not available' message when I try to open a

Some workbook protection and encryption features vary depending on the
language of the operating system they were created in. Before you can
open a protected workbook, you must unprotect it with the same
operating system and language in which it was created.

For example, if you are using the U.S. English version of Windows and
receive a workbook that was protected with the Danish version of
Windows, you can open the workbook only after it is unprotected with
the Danish version.

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