How do I combine several sheets into one document in Excel?

Johnny (25)
7/27/2005 8:54:02 PM
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As you did not specify otherwise I presume there is something like Shee
1 has rows 1 to 250, sheet 2 has rows 1 to 500, and sheet 3 has rows 
to 250 etc.

To join those you would highlight and Copy the rows in sheet 2, then
then in sheet 1 click in cell A251 and Paste, then repeat the proces
for sheet three into cell A751 etc.

If you wish to match-and-merge data on the same rows from columns i
another sheet that could be more difficult

Bryan Hesse
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7/28/2005 10:30:10 AM

With code you can do this

Regards Ron de Bruin

"Extruder Johnny" <Extruder> wrote in message

rondebruin (3790)
7/28/2005 4:44:54 PM

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