how do i change the default value of measure from points to inche.

how do i change the default value of measure from points to inches when 
setting the width and hight of cells?
yoyo4u (1)
10/18/2004 9:55:01 PM
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You don't. Excel uses only points for these measures
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Bernard Liengme
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"yoyo4u" <> wrote in message
> how do i change the default value of measure from points to inches when
> setting the width and hight of cells? 

bliengme5824 (3040)
10/18/2004 10:08:17 PM

Row heights are measured in points.  There are 72 points to an inch.

The number that appears in the Standard column width box is the average number
of digits 0-9 of the standard font that fit in a cell. 

No relationship between the two.

If you want to use VBA to set height and width in mm....which can be converted
to inches....

Ole Erlandson has code for setting row and column dimensions.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 14:55:01 -0700, yoyo4u <>

>how do i change the default value of measure from points to inches when 
>setting the width and hight of cells?

10/19/2004 12:36:59 AM

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