How do I change a cell background color in a formula ...

 How do I change a cell background color in a formula => Excel 2003
  eg.  (IF(A1=1, change B1 background color to black ???
11/18/2004 9:43:07 PM
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Use Conditional Formatting.

1. Select B1.
2. Go to Format > Conditional Formatting
3. Select "Formula Is" on the drop-down list.
4. Enter:
5. Press the Format button and format as desired.
6. Press OK twice.

For more examples, see:

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>-----Original Message-----
> How do I change a cell background color in a formula => 
Excel 2003
>  eg.  (IF(A1=1, change B1 background color to black ???
11/18/2004 9:51:54 PM
Try using the "Conditional Formatting" option:

Format/Conditional Formatting/


"EbenViljoen" wrote:

>  How do I change a cell background color in a formula => Excel 2003
>   eg.  (IF(A1=1, change B1 background color to black ???
Ruxpin (2)
11/18/2004 10:05:03 PM

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