How can I merge two sheets?

Hi, I could use some help with the following problem. I have two
sheets which I need to merge into a third.

Sheet 1 (Sold):
01-Jan-04  8
02-Jan-04  6
05-Jan-04  8

Sheet 2 (Bought)
01-Jan-04  8
02-Jan-04  6
03-Jan-04  8

Combine into this sheet:
01-Jan-04  8        8
02-Jan-04  6        6
03-Jan-04  8        0
05-Jan-04  0        8

So this new sheet contains a row for each date that is in either of
the two sources.

Thanks for your help.
4/22/2004 7:35:28 AM
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if this is a one-time operation you may try the following:
- create a new sheet and copy column A (the dates of both 
sheets (Sold + Bought) into this new sheet directly below 
each other
- select the date range on this new sheet and goto 'data - 
filter - Advanced Filter'. Check 'Unique Values' and 
create a new list of only unique dates.
- Use this newly created list, sort if (it you like)

Now add the following two formulas in the second row 
assumption: row 1 is a heading row):

copy both formulas down.

After this you may select column B+C, copy them and insert 
them again as values (Edit - Paste special) to remove the 

>-----Original Message-----
>Hi, I could use some help with the following problem. I 
have two
>sheets which I need to merge into a third.
>Sheet 1 (Sold):
>01-Jan-04  8
>02-Jan-04  6
>05-Jan-04  8
>Sheet 2 (Bought)
>01-Jan-04  8
>02-Jan-04  6
>03-Jan-04  8
>Combine into this sheet:
>01-Jan-04  8        8
>02-Jan-04  6        6
>03-Jan-04  8        0
>05-Jan-04  0        8
>So this new sheet contains a row for each date that is in 
either of
>the two sources.
>Thanks for your help.
frank.kabel (11126)
4/22/2004 7:58:31 AM

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