Highlighting A Cell

Does anyone know how to do a formula that says if a cell equals the wor
FALSE then highlight this particular cell gray?  


Typing in Cell A2
IF A1 = FALSE then gray otherwise white

I tried to do it in Conditioning Formatting but can't figure it out t
reference another cell.  Any help would be greatly appreciated

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9/19/2005 9:09:43 PM
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Good evening Coltsfan

You're right in trying to use conditional formatting, the formula yo
would need to use in cell A2 is thus:


Remember to set the drop down box to formula is.  In this instance yo
do not put quotes around the word false, as this is a recognised Exce
flag, if you were using a different word (eg FALSE1) you would need t
enclose the keyword in quotes.



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9/19/2005 9:24:38 PM

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