Hiding Columns In Excel

When I try to hide too many columns in Excell I get the 
following message and it won't let me hide the 
columns, "Cannot Shift Objects off Sheet.".

Is there a workaround?  What am I doing wrong?
10/7/2003 7:56:15 PM
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The following MSKB article may help:

XL: "Cannot Shift Objects Off Sheet" Error Hiding Columns

Also, Dave Peterson recently posted this advice:
Someone with the same problem posted back that their comments were
getting resized causing the trouble.

Maybe enabling:  Tools|Options|View|Comment and indicator
(at least for a little bit will help.)

Or, perhaps William's suggestion in the following posting will help:


He advised the following:
"if you have a button on your worksheet, right click on the button,
select "Format Control", select "Properties" and then select "Move and
Size with cells"

Tom Hamilton wrote:
> When I try to hide too many columns in Excell I get the 
> following message and it won't let me hide the 
> columns, "Cannot Shift Objects off Sheet.".
> Is there a workaround?  What am I doing wrong?

Debra Dalgleish
Excel FAQ, Tips & Book List

dsd1 (5911)
10/7/2003 9:31:26 PM

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