Help with Lookup/Sum Formula

I have a spreedsheet with this type of data, for example

Product Group    Quantity        Size
2812                       10               0.75
2812                       100             0.75 
2812                       300             0.5
2817                       100             0.25
2817                       200             1
2845                     1000            1.5

I want to be able to set up a formula that you enter a product grou
(2812) in a cell and it will for that product group go and sum up al
the quantities for each size.  The formula would go in the Sum colum
For Example

Size            Sum
0.375	      2,342 
0.5		2,342 
0.75	       1,992 
1		 883 
1.25	       284 
1.5		90 
2		 290 
2.5		16 
3		 32 
3.5		0 
4		 26 
So far i have had no luck with figuring out a formula that wil
accomplish all this, any help would be appreciated.


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9/26/2005 7:18:52 PM
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I have used your numbers and set them out in a table A1 to C6

I then set up a table with the possible sizes in the left han
column(A12 down)
and the possible product groups in the column headers in B11 an

entered in B12


note the $ signs especialy for $A12 and B$11

this makes it possible to extend the formula down the columns an

good luc


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9/26/2005 9:13:43 PM

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