Help with Date format

I want to enter dates into a worksheet like this:
January 25, 2001

And i want to get excel to display the date with the following format:
 I have tried using a date format from the format menu but it wont display 
the date like i want! It will only display the date as I typed it in.

Thanks to anyone who can help. :)
davidian (3)
10/19/2004 9:43:03 PM
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It appears you're typing the date into a cell formatted 
as something other than General.

1. Delete the current contents of the cell.
2. Format > Cell > Number tab. Choose a date format.
3. Now key in the date into the cell.

Atlanta, GA

>-----Original Message-----
>I want to enter dates into a worksheet like this:
>January 25, 2001
>And i want to get excel to display the date with the 
following format:
> I have tried using a date format from the format menu 
but it wont display 
>the date like i want! It will only display the date as I 
typed it in.
>Thanks to anyone who can help. :)
jasonjmorin (551)
10/19/2004 10:03:42 PM

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