Help! Selecting data according to date range

I'm attempting to setup a worksheet for reminding employees to rene
their licenses.  I have input the data where the data range is from ro
3 - 84 (this could increase or decrease with hiring/firing, etc.).  Th
columns range from A - K with column H being *date*.

I would like to start a new sheet (sheet2) in this workbook with th
range of months in a year.  In each monthly section it would search th
data range in sheet 1 and return the records with the correspondin
dates for that month.  For example:  If a employee's license expires i
January, the entire record for that employee would be displayed on shee
2 under January.

I'm pretty new at this.  At first I used the AutoFilter which provide
reasonable results but I would work a lot better if I could display o
one sheet the employees that need to renew their licenses on a month b
month basis.


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6/8/2005 5:58:20 PM
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