help question so basic I can not find answer

When I type in 16 or more numbers in a cell it always turns the last one
to a 0 and even when I pick the format number  it still changes the last
number into a o. How can I make excell leave the digital number I type

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7/26/2005 1:57:52 AM
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Excel only keeps track of 16 digits.

So you can either preformat the cell as text or enter your data as text (start
with an apostrophe):  '1234567890123456.

In both of these cases, these "numbers" will be treated as text.

ed101 wrote:
> When I type in 16 or more numbers in a cell it always turns the last one
> to a 0 and even when I pick the format number  it still changes the last
> number into a o. How can I make excell leave the digital number I type
> in?
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> ed101
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Dave Peterson
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7/26/2005 2:11:32 AM

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