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can anyone do these questions,

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5/28/2005 4:29:33 AM
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5/28/2005 4:43:39 AM

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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel I am quite the novice at using Excel. I'm trying to create a set of BINGO cards for a church group and I'm having trouble figuring it out. I saw a post about something called RAND function but I don't know what that means. <br><br>What I need is 56 unique cards with 5 columns and 5 rows each. The cards will be using the numbers 1-24 leaving the center square blank or &quot;0&quot;. <br><br>Can anyone please assist? This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ----...

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The following formula queries and totals information on a specified sheet. In this case the specified sheet name is 2003 I have several sheets (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.....) I would like to have the value for the sheet name in the formula reference a cell in which I could type in the name of the sheet I want to query. Can someone tell me how to accomplish this. Just changing the '2003' in the formula to the reference cell doesn't work. (FYI - the reference cell will be L1) =SUMIF(('2003'!H2:I400),+(H3),('2003'!D2:I400)) TIA Mike =SUMIF((INDIRECT("'...

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Hi, I have read every questions and replies on this site in order to get my negative numbers to show in brackets and nothing works. I am desparate. The regional settings are changed to indicate negative numbers in brackets but when I try formatting the cells in Excel, I cannot get the numbers to show in brackets. I have Windows XP, Office 2003. Please help me... Thanks. Are they seen as numbers at all? Widen the cell, don't force any aligment, are the numbers left or right aligned, if they are left they are seen as text you can also try =ISTEXT(cell) if it returns TRUE they a...

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If you have multiple organizations on the same deployment, how can you customize the help content for each organization. The reason that I would want to do this is that each organization might have a different layout on the forms and different fields that the users are supposed to track. The help files are all stored as phyical files on the server so I am not sure how to make them organization specific. Thanks, Dan ...

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Hi, Outlook 2003 (SP3, all updates) goes along happily, then just closes down by itself. This behaviour seems to have happened since the Microsoft April security updates, but that might not have anything to do with it. Any one have any pointers I can explore please? Thanks, Steve Maincat wrote: > Hi, > > Outlook 2003 (SP3, all updates) goes along happily, then just closes down by > itself. This behaviour seems to have happened since the Microsoft April > security updates, but that might not have anything to do with it. What happens if you load Outlook in its safe...

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Hi Folks: I have a row of 6 columns to add (E thru J) The values of each cell goes from 0 to 5 in 0.5 increments. If the value of E is less than 1.5, I'd like to just do s straight addition (max value 30.0) If the value of E is greater than 2.0, then I would like to double the added value of get 60.0 What I'm using is =IF(E12<2,,(E12+F12+G12+H12+I12+J12)*2) which works. . . However, if E12 is under 2.0, then it evaluates to 0 instead of 30 Any help wd be appreciated - Thanks Maybe... =MAX(30,(SUM(e12:j12)*2))*(1+(e12>2)) or =MAX(30,(SUM(e12:j12)*2))*if(e12>2,2,1...

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Whenever I try to open help on any office or windows program the RMS installer executes. Any ideas? Happened to me, too. What I did is let the dialog go through it's motions, then when it asks for the install disc put it in the drive and find the file - you may have to search the disc for the file first so you know where it is. This usually only hapopens once, but keep the install disc handy because I had to do the same thing when I clicked "Help" for Excel, Quickbooks, and a few others. It wasn;t asking for those install files, it still wanted the RMS install files. ...

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IM trying to create a formula that gives me a total count for cells that are less than 02/05/10 and the name begins with FHLM, heres what i came up with... =COUNTIF(E:E,">="&DATE(1900,1,1))-COUNTIF(E:E,">="&DATE(2010,2,5))+COUNTIF(E:E,DATE(2010,2,5))-COUNTIF(U:U,"FHLM*") I keep gettin a bunch of ###### or 0, depending on how I move the data around.. Any ideas???? =SUMPRODUCT(--(E1:E100<=DATE(2010,2,5)),--(LEFT(U1:U100,4)="FHLM")) "Senor Martinez" wrote: > IM trying to create a formula that gives me...

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Hi all gurus, below is code for a button so once pressed it will send an email to the relevant people and information is contained within the email. What i now want it to do is add an hyperlink to the location of the files so the user can press on the link and open a folder on the server. The file path is: M:\Procurement\Sub Contract Submissions Hope this is possible!! If Response = vbYes Then Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") OutApp.Session.Logon Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0) strbody = "Sub Contract Submissions...

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I have an excel spreadsheet that has 2 columns of numbers side by side. I want a formula that counts the number of times the number in colum one are larger than the number that is right beside it in column two. After it counts it I want to display the total number that are large in a seperate cell. Is this possible. I cruised around the forum an I did not see what I was looking for so any help would be appreciated -- colincanno ----------------------------------------------------------------------- colincannon's Profile:

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Workflow advice please
hi I have a workflow rule set up which says when a phonecall changes status update the subject to a value. If i create a phone call , save it and then save it as completed , the workflow rule workd. If i create a phone call and enter all the relevant fields and save it as completed straight away the workflow rule does not work.. Can someone please advice me on this. the example is when phone call is create if phonecall. action = 1 and phone call.keyword = 2 then wait for 0 min after phonecall.created on update:phonecall.subject = 1and 2 end Kind Regards Ridhima I expect that the pro...

Conditional Format Help Needed
I would like to apply a Conditional Format based on two factors. Currently I have two different Conditions set up. Condition 1: =IF(IF($G2="Ready to Publish",1,0)=1,1,0) This format successfully works to gray out and cross out text that matches "Ready to Publish." Condition 2: =MOD(ROW()-1,2)=0 This format applies alternating row fills for easier viewing. While both of these formulas work, my problem is Condition 1 overrides Condition 2 when "Ready to Publish" is detected. Is there a way to combine the two formulas so they wouldn't overr...

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Not working. I highlight the data area then go to tools/protec worksheet. After I protect the worksheet the cell focus stil continues on the same row instead of going to the next row. I can' lock the entire worksheet -- jlabshe ----------------------------------------------------------------------- jlabsher's Profile: View this thread: Did you uncheck locked under format>cells>protection for the highlighted data beforte you protected the sheet? Rega...