greyed out close button

I have Excel 2002 and cannot figure out why the close button is greye
out.  Can anyone tell me how to active this button.  thank

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11/13/2003 2:35:52 PM
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I have a greyed out close button and a co-worker has a 
greyed out minimize button.  If you find out what to do 
please let me know. 
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>I have Excel 2002 and cannot figure out why the close 
button is greyed
>out.  Can anyone tell me how to active this button.  
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mhorne (1)
11/13/2003 4:51:26 PM
Do you have Groupwise?

If so;en-us;260199&Product=xlw


Lady Layla

"Fabian357" <> wrote in message
: I have Excel 2002 and cannot figure out why the close button is greyed
: out.  Can anyone tell me how to active this button.  thanks
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nospam202 (664)
11/13/2003 4:59:25 PM

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