Formula not calculating total


I'm doing a report in excel and when I try to use autosum to add up my columns, it doesn't add up the columns requested. Instead, it just types the formula in the cell destination.

Hope someone can help, otherwise I've got to get my calculator out!


anonymous (74722)
12/19/2003 11:41:15 AM
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"Debsy" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> I'm doing a report in excel and when I try to use autosum to add up my
columns, it doesn't add up the columns requested. Instead, it just types the
formula in the cell destination.
> Hope someone can help, otherwise I've got to get my calculator out!
> Thanks
> Debbie

Tools > Options > view tab, under Window options
Check that "Formulas" is NOT checked.

If that's OK, check that the cell(s) you are putting the autosum in are NOT
formatted as text.

12/19/2003 11:56:16 AM
Thanks Paul- I've tried all those things and it's still not working. None of the cells are formatted as text, have checked every one

Any more ideas?????
anonymous (74722)
12/19/2003 1:36:22 PM
"Debsy" <> wrote in message
> Thanks Paul- I've tried all those things and it's still not working. None
of the cells are formatted as text, have checked every one!
> Any more ideas?????
> Thanks

What happens if you type in a simple formula directly?
Try something such as
where that range has some numbers in it.

12/19/2003 1:47:14 PM
Exactly the same thing happens- it just comes up with the formula in the cell.
anonymous (74722)
12/19/2003 2:36:16 PM
Hi Debsy,

First format the cell as General, Then enter the formula. Formatting
afterwards has no effect.


Kind Regards,

Niek Otten

Microsoft MVP - Excel

"Debsy" <> wrote in message
> Exactly the same thing happens- it just comes up with the formula in the

nicolaus (2022)
12/19/2003 2:48:25 PM

another thing to try that has helped me off and on

first make sure all the cells with formulas are not text, then do
edit>replace, replace what put an equal sign =
in the replace with box also put an equal sign =, so replace an equal sign
with an equal sign. Click OK
Sometimes that will trigger a calculation of the formulas



Peo Sjoblom

"Debsy" <> wrote in message
> Exactly the same thing happens- it just comes up with the formula in the

terre08 (1112)
12/19/2003 2:48:28 PM

If you delete your formula, then set you format to General, then retype your
formula, do you get the same result? I'm just wondering if the cell was
formatted to TEXT before you entered the formula, and changing it after the
event is too late.


"Debsy" <> wrote in message
> Exactly the same thing happens- it just comes up with the formula in the

andy1646 (82)
12/19/2003 2:52:06 PM
It is quite likely that the data in your spreadsheet comes from a
external data source i.e. either you or the person that sent you th
data queried a database.

To find out select a cell within the data and click on the arrow nex
to the Name box on the formula bar, and then click the external dat
range name.

Then Edit, Copy, Edit Paste Special Formulas and all will be fine


Den Hewit

Message posted from

1/16/2004 2:13:36 PM
It could be that you have inserted a column. When this is done the
inserted column inherits the formatting from the column to its left. If
this column is formatted as text then delete the formulae in the
problem column, select the whole column and Edit Clear Format. The
column should now be formatted as general and everything should be OK.

Message posted from

1/16/2004 3:07:48 PM

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