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I have an existing spreadsheet that I want to enter a date 
in a cell. I formatted the cell for dates. When I enter 
e.g. 1/26, the result is 01/00/00 and at the top it shows 
=1/26. It appears that no matter which cell I use when I 
enter the date as stated it does a calculation rather than 
give a date. How do I stop the cells from doing a 
calculation and just give me the date?
1/26/2004 9:05:57 PM
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You have to enter the date in a format that Excel will 
recognize, or pre-format the entry cells as text.

Atlanta, GA

>-----Original Message-----
>I have an existing spreadsheet that I want to enter a 
>in a cell. I formatted the cell for dates. When I enter 
>e.g. 1/26, the result is 01/00/00 and at the top it shows 
>=1/26. It appears that no matter which cell I use when I 
>enter the date as stated it does a calculation rather 
>give a date. How do I stop the cells from doing a 
>calculation and just give me the date?
jason.morin (561)
1/26/2004 9:15:57 PM
Hi Walt!

I think that with your problem all you need to do is use:

Tools > Options > Transition
Remove check from Transition Formula Entry

In Lotus 1/26 is evaluated as 1/26
With a date format this is represented as 0-Jan-1900 00:55:23 and
shown in the formula bar as =1/26

Norman Harker MVP (Excel)
Sydney, Australia
Excel and Word Function Lists (Classifications, Syntax and Arguments)
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njharker (1646)
1/26/2004 9:33:46 PM

Tools>Options>Transition.  Uncheck "transition formula entry".

That is a Lotus setting and produces the =1/26 in the formula bar.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 13:05:57 -0800, "Walt Schroeder"
<> wrote:

>I have an existing spreadsheet that I want to enter a date 
>in a cell. I formatted the cell for dates. When I enter 
>e.g. 1/26, the result is 01/00/00 and at the top it shows 
>=1/26. It appears that no matter which cell I use when I 
>enter the date as stated it does a calculation rather than 
>give a date. How do I stop the cells from doing a 
>calculation and just give me the date?

1/26/2004 10:09:20 PM

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