Font and Subscript Question

I have this text string containing formulas. ="Qo = "&(ROUND(AG41,2))&" /  
("&AB30&" x "&(ROUND(AG30/AB30,2))&")". I want to have the answer to 
(ROUND(AG30/AB30,2)) show up as a different color.  When I highlight the text 
and then click the font color button, no colors are available. How do I do 
that? Also, I would like to subscript the o in Qo. How would I do this? 
Thanks a lot for your help.
hoising8 (3)
7/29/2005 12:32:02 PM
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You'd need to replace your formula with a VBA event macro. You could do 
something like

    Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
        Const sF1 As String = "Qo = "
        Const sF2 As String = " / ("
        Const sF3 As String = " x "
        Const sF4 As String = ")"
        Dim sV1 As String
        Dim sV2 As String
        Dim sV3 As String
        sV1 = Format(Application.Round(Range("AG41").Value, 2), "0.00")
        sV2 = Format(Range("AB30").Value, "0.00")
        sV3 = Format(Application.Round(Range("AG30").Value / _
                        Range("AB30").Value, 2), "0.00")
        With Range("A1")
            .Value = sF1 & sV1 & sF2 & sV2 & sF3 & sV3 & sF4
            .Characters(2, 1).Font.Subscript = True
            .Characters(InStr(.Text, sF3) + Len(sF3), _
                         Len(sV3)).Font.ColorIndex = 3
        End With
    End Sub
which puts the formula in A1 (change to suit), and turns the desired 
portion red (Font.ColorIndex = 3).

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 "hoising8" <> wrote:

> I have this text string containing formulas. ="Qo = "&(ROUND(AG41,2))&" /  
> ("&AB30&" x "&(ROUND(AG30/AB30,2))&")". I want to have the answer to 
> (ROUND(AG30/AB30,2)) show up as a different color.  When I highlight the text 
> and then click the font color button, no colors are available. How do I do 
> that? Also, I would like to subscript the o in Qo. How would I do this? 
> Thanks a lot for your help.
jemcgimpsey (6723)
7/29/2005 1:18:36 PM

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