fixed column

I have a problem I want to fix a column's value please 
help me
7/21/2003 11:02:43 AM
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"majid" <> wrote in message
> hi
> I have a problem I want to fix a column's value please
> help me

You will have to provide more information about what you want.
A column does not have a value. A cell may have a value, but as a column
contains many cells it may contain many values.
A column has a width - is this what you are talking about?
What do you mean by 'fix'?

7/21/2003 11:12:55 AM
Hi Majid!

If you mean fix the maximum value that can be put in any cell in a

Select the Column
Data > Validation
Select either "Decimal" or "Whole number"
Put in the allowable minimum
Put in the allowable maximum
"Follow you nose" with Input Message and Error Alert Tabs

Rather than apply to every cell in a column, I think that applying to
the range of actual or potential data entry would be better.

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"majid" <> wrote in message
> hi
> I have a problem I want to fix a column's value please
> help me

njharker (1646)
7/21/2003 11:48:12 AM
Or, possibly you mean that you wish to replace calculated values with
constant values.  Select the column, copy it, and use

"majid" <> wrote in message
> hi
> I have a problem I want to fix a column's value please
> help me

steve9257 (19)
7/21/2003 2:15:26 PM

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