Finding Merged Cells

Is there any (easy) way of finding a cell or cells that 
have been merged?
I am trying to sort a (very large) spreadsheet but can't 
because Excel "...requires the merged cells to be the same 

I can always select all and remove the merge - but I am 
wondering why there are merged cells - hence the reason 
for trying to find them!
9/10/2003 12:34:55 PM
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Many Thanks - I like the macro solution - it certainly 
works on a test setup - I'll try it on the real 
spreadsheet tomorrow
>-----Original Message-----
>Manually, you could divide and conquer.  Select half the 
range, hit ctrl-1 (to
>show the Format|Cell dialog).  Look at that Alignment tab 
and look at the Merge
>cells box.  If it's not checked, look in the other half.
>If it's a black check mark, you found it.
>If it's a grey check mark, you're getting warmer--it's in 
the selected range.
>Here's one way via a macro that looks at all the cells in 
the usedrange:
>Option Explicit
>Sub testme02()
>    Dim myCell As Range
>    Dim resp As Long
>    For Each myCell In ActiveSheet.UsedRange
>        If myCell.MergeCells = True Then
>            If myCell.Address = myCell.MergeArea.Cells(1, 
1).Address Then
>                resp = MsgBox(Prompt:="found at:  " _
>                                & myCell.Address(0, 0) 
& " Of " _
>                                & myCell.MergeArea.Address
(0, 0), _
>                              Title:="Continue Looking?", 
>                              Buttons:=vbYesNo)
>                If resp = vbNo Then
>                    Exit Sub
>                End If
>            End If
>        End If
>    Next myCell
>End Sub
>If you're new to macros, you may want to read David 
McRitchie's intro at:
>Don Edmondson wrote:
>> Is there any (easy) way of finding a cell or cells that
>> have been merged?
>> I am trying to sort a (very large) spreadsheet but can't
>> because Excel "...requires the merged cells to be the 
>> size..."
>> I can always select all and remove the merge - but I am
>> wondering why there are merged cells - hence the reason
>> for trying to find them!
>Dave Peterson
9/10/2003 11:41:48 PM
Thanks alot Don! Really helped me out in a crunch.
anonymous (74722)
11/6/2003 5:56:06 PM

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