Finding duplicate entries in lengthly list of names


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1/14/2004 4:20:20 PM
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Check out this site Sherry

Regards Ron de Bruin
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1/14/2004 4:34:49 PM

maybe you can give some more details. Some possible solutions
1. Assuming your list is in Row A, you can use columns B as helper
columns. Insert the following formula in B1
and copy this formula for all rows
This will show you the numer each entry occurs. Now you can sort this
columns B (descending order) or filter

2. You can Use 'Data - Filter - Advanced Filter' to create a new list
without duplicates

There are more solutions. Search Google for existing posts in this


frank.kabel (11126)
1/14/2004 4:35:08 PM
Hi Sherry,
You could easily find that by searching the newsgroup

Most of the postings are simply going to refer to
  Tagging Duplicate entries
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> _Finding_duplicate_entries_in_list_
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