Find carriage return character in a cell

Does anyone know how find a row in a worksheet which 
contains carriage return character (usually a square) in 
its cell ? 
anonymous (74722)
5/13/2004 2:14:01 AM
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I've given you the response below yesterday to your post, 

Maybe CHAR(10) ?
(carriage return via Alt + Enter)

Assume you want to check range A1:C10 in Sheet1
for cells with carriage return

In a new Sheet2:

Put in A1:

Copy A1 across to C1, then down to C10
to cover the same range as in Sheet1

A1:C10 in Sheet2 will return "Yes" for corresponding
cells with carriage returns in range A1:C10 in Sheet1

xl 97
Please respond, in newsgroup
xdemechanik <at>yahoo<dot>com

"VW" <> wrote 
>Does anyone know how find a row in a worksheet which 
>contains carriage return character (usually a square) in 
>its cell ? 
demechanik (4694)
5/13/2004 2:28:41 AM

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