file will not save

One of my excel files will not save.  it seems to work 
ok, but when i try to save it, i get a "document not 
saved"  message.

the file cannot be closed unless i agree not to try to 
save it.

any ideas why i cannot save this file?
anonymous (74722)
1/12/2004 4:35:10 PM
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#1.  Are you working off a floppy?  If yes, then don't do this.

Use windows explorer to copy from floppy to harddrive and work from there (and
save there).  Then use windows explorer to copy back to floppy.

#2.  You're saving to a location that you don't have permission to save to.

#3.  Your diskdrive is out of space???

missionary wrote:
> One of my excel files will not save.  it seems to work
> ok, but when i try to save it, i get a "document not
> saved"  message.
> the file cannot be closed unless i agree not to try to
> save it.
> any ideas why i cannot save this file?


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
1/13/2004 2:46:51 AM

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