Extract Date from line of text

Is there any way I can extract a date from a cell containing a line o

A1: "16-02-04-Received & Completed"

How can I extract the date "16-02-04" & display it in Cell B1??

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3/2/2004 11:41:48 AM
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if your date is always at the beginning of the string and always in the
format "DD-MM-YY" try the following in B1

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

> Is there any way I can extract a date from a cell containing a line
> text???
> Eg:
> A1: "16-02-04-Received & Completed"
> How can I extract the date "16-02-04" & display it in Cell B1???
> ---
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frank.kabel (11126)
3/2/2004 11:50:35 AM
Perfect! Thanks what works a charm

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3/2/2004 11:57:16 AM
On Tue, 2 Mar 2004 05:41:48 -0600, loscherland
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>Is there any way I can extract a date from a cell containing a line of
>A1: "16-02-04-Received & Completed"
>How can I extract the date "16-02-04" & display it in Cell B1???
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If it's always in that format, then:


ronrosenfeld (3122)
3/2/2004 12:19:02 PM

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