Excel2000: Strange behaviour for one cell in workbook


The situation:
There is a Excel workbook used for registering working time in firm
departments, created earlier. The worksheets are protected, and I don't have
the password, as author isn't working here anymore. The workbook is stored
as read-only on network resource, and monthly every department is copying it
to local computer and filling the table.

The table's body has 2 rows data for every employee with 31 columns for
month's dates, and several protected summary columns. For every date,
working hours or some code string is entered into according cell. One of
codes, and one causing the problem,  is 'L'.

At bottom of table in some range of cells (columnwise) the used codes with
explanation are displayed, something like:
'L - L�hetus t��p�eval'

It was all working fine, until recently we discovered, that in one
particular cell, when 'L' was entered, it changed automatically to 'L -
L�hetus t��p�eval'. And as result, the sum in according summary column
didn't count it.

The AutoCorrect feature for workbook was disabled. And there weren't any
code modules present in VBA-Project window. All other codes worked fine in
same cell. When I copyed some empty cell from elsewhere, and pasted into
strange one, the problem remained. The same for copying cell formats. But
when I copyied a code 'L' from elsewhwre, the cell worked as it must.

Has somebody a clue what was there on?

Arvi Laanemets

arvi (37)
8/26/2003 5:14:39 AM
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