Excel stopped Calculations???

I'm running Excel 2000  build 9.0.272

I was working on my spreadsheet, all of a sudden it appeared to crash.
So i rebooted my machine.

When I did so, it stopped making calculations. :(  Very strange (an
very bad).  I can't get it to do _any_ calculations, either n th
spreadsheet I was working on or any other spreadsheet.

I can't figure out how to make it re-calculate the formulas again.
Everything is intact, my formulas, values, etc...

thank you for your help

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8/5/2004 7:17:18 PM
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From the menu at the top, select:
Click on tab marked Calculation
Select "automatic"   (it is probably set on manual right 

>-----Original Message-----
>I'm running Excel 2000  build 9.0.272
>I was working on my spreadsheet, all of a sudden it 
appeared to crash. 
>So i rebooted my machine.
>When I did so, it stopped making calculations. :(  Very 
strange (and
>very bad).  I can't get it to do _any_ calculations, 
either n the
>spreadsheet I was working on or any other spreadsheet.
>I can't figure out how to make it re-calculate the 
formulas again. 
>Everything is intact, my formulas, values, etc...
>thank you for your help!
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8/5/2004 7:48:25 PM
I figured it out.  For anyone who wants to know.  The options menu go
changed when the spreadsheet crashed.

There is an option to automatically calculate.  It is the default, bu
somehow it got changed during the crash.

just fyi..

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8/5/2004 7:56:46 PM

It gets that setting from the first workbook you open.  It then applies to
all workbooks.  DOn't ask.  No one knows.

Earl Kiosterud
mvpearl omitthisword at verizon period net

"luu980 >" <<luu980.1aj74k@excelforum-nospam.com> wrote in message
> I figured it out.  For anyone who wants to know.  The options menu got
> changed when the spreadsheet crashed.
> There is an option to automatically calculate.  It is the default, but
> somehow it got changed during the crash.
> just fyi...
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nowhere1083 (630)
8/5/2004 9:10:00 PM
Thank you two for your replies!  I greatly appreciate the help!

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8/5/2004 9:26:24 PM

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