Excel Opens Numerous times

each time I open an excel workbook, a new session of excel 
opens. How do I prevent this from happening?
anonymous (74722)
11/5/2003 1:20:00 PM
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If you're speaking of what happens when you double-click an Excel file, try
having Excel re-register itself.

From Start->Run enter "Excel.exe /regserver" (w/o quotes).  If the installer
pops up just cancel it.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP

jrrech (1933)
11/5/2003 1:34:42 PM
Are you sure this is the case, or could it be you're 
misled by each workbook having its own button on the 
Windows taskbar?
If you're not sure, try this: from the menu, choose Toos > 
Options, tab View, and remove the tick from Windows in 
Taskbar. If the behaviour changes, then it's just this 
setting, not multiple sessions.

Nikos Y. (nyannaco at in dot gr)
>-----Original Message-----
>each time I open an excel workbook, a new session of 
>opens. How do I prevent this from happening?
anonymous (74722)
11/5/2003 1:37:19 PM
Hey that worked. Thanks :-)

>-----Original Message-----
>Are you sure this is the case, or could it be you're 
>misled by each workbook having its own button on the 
>Windows taskbar?
>If you're not sure, try this: from the menu, choose Toos 
>Options, tab View, and remove the tick from Windows in 
>Taskbar. If the behaviour changes, then it's just this 
>setting, not multiple sessions.
>Nikos Y. (nyannaco at in dot gr)
>>-----Original Message-----
>>each time I open an excel workbook, a new session of 
>>opens. How do I prevent this from happening?
anonymous (74722)
11/5/2003 1:52:33 PM

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