Excel not displaying German characters correctly.

This is a real puzzler. Has our entire office and IT 
department stumped.
We have two machines (M1 / M2) which are equal spec/ 
operating system, applications, versions, etc...

The only difference that we can see between the two 
machines is that one (M1) has Internet Explorer encoding 
set to "UTF-8" with "Automatic" selected.
The other (M2) has "Western European ISO" with no automatic 

Now, when the machines log into a web application and 
choose to download a German Excel file, M1 and M2 get the 
file correctly if they have their encoding settings as 

However, if M1 has it's encoding set to "Windows European 
ISO" then all the characters which should have an umlaut 
appear as an accented "y". 

And if M2 has it's encoding set to "UTF-8" with "Automatic" 
selected then all the characters which should have an 
umlaut appear as an accented "y".  (00FD in unicode hex)

This is really bizarre behaviour, and the only reason we're 
even looking into it is that our German customers are 
having the same issue. Some machines in their office are 
seeing a problem with umlaut characters, and some are not.

We don't think it's a codepage issue or anything like that, 
because code page corruption would involve changes of a 1:1 
mapping. But we're seeing a-umlaut and u-umlaut both being 
transformed to the 00FD character.

We think the encoding setting has to be involved somehow, 
since changing it and only it, influences the results.
But we don't see how it can possibly effect it on it's own. 
There has to be something else. And it has to be something 
that would also exist on our German customers machines.

(We use English regional settings by the way.)

Does anyone have any idea what the heck could be causing 
anonymous (74722)
5/4/2004 12:17:20 PM
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