Excel 2000: Regional date problem

We'e just upgraded from Excel 97 to 2000 and are having 
problems because dates in spreadsheets are showing in US 
(mm/dd/yy) format rather than in European (dd/mm/yy). This 
si true whether I use a standard date format or make a 
custom format.

I've checked the regional settings in Windows 2000, and 
they are correct.

I thought Excel picked up the default from here. Any other 
ideas where I might look?

Thanks in advance

ingo1 (1)
8/20/2003 1:14:57 PM
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I wasn't able to duplicate your problem, Alan.  I switched to UK settings
through Regional Settings.  Then I opened Excel 97 and entered =NOW() in two
cells.  One I date formatted as DD/MM/YY and the other as DD/MM/YYYY.  So I
saw 20/08/03 and 20/08/2003 in the respective cells.

I saved this workbook and opened it in Excel 2000.  The dates appeared
exactly the same.

Am I missing a step?

Jim Rech
Excel MVP

jrrech (1932)
8/20/2003 5:51:52 PM

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