enter value in a cell from a combo box

How to build a combo box to be able to select a value and enter in the cell
Aniuska (1)
2/7/2005 12:37:04 PM
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1. Go to View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox
2. Click on the "Combobox" icon once and draw one on your 
worksheet (hold down the ALT button to fit to a cell).
3. Right-click on the Combobox and go to Properties.
4. In the ListFillRange type in the range of cells that 
contain the values to fill the combobox, like A1:A5.
5. In the LinkedCell field type a cell reference that 
will contain the user's selection (ie E2).
6. Click on the Exit Design Mode icon and close the 

Atlanta, GA

>-----Original Message-----
>How to build a combo box to be able to select a value 
and enter in the cell
jasonjmorin (551)
2/7/2005 2:26:21 PM
Another option that looks very similar is Data|Validation.

See Debra Dalgleish's site:

Aniuska wrote:
> How to build a combo box to be able to select a value and enter in the cell


Dave Peterson
ec357201 (5290)
2/7/2005 11:12:16 PM

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