Dynamic change of worksheet reference in a Hlookup function


I am a basic user of MS Excel, and starting to use hlookup function. 
In this function i have the worksheet reference that i want to change
linked with a cell in another worksheet. 

The problem: 
- HLOOKUP(Info!$D$10;'02545'!$A$1:$Z$219;70;FALSE), 

- Want to change '02545' for the cell "Info!$D$11" which has th
worksheet reference, that i can change for another worksheet within th

Thanks for the hel

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11/12/2004 12:22:41 PM
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=HLOOKUP(Info!$D$10;INDIRECT("'" & Info!$D$11 & "'!$A$1:$Z$219");70;FALSE),

"fariapedro" wrote:

> Hi, 
> I am a basic user of MS Excel, and starting to use hlookup function. 
> In this function i have the worksheet reference that i want to change,
> linked with a cell in another worksheet. 
> The problem: 
> - HLOOKUP(Info!$D$10;'02545'!$A$1:$Z$219;70;FALSE), 
> - Want to change '02545' for the cell "Info!$D$11" which has the
> worksheet reference, that i can change for another worksheet within the
> workbook. 
> Thanks for the help
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> fariapedro
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