drop down menu's on every row of a column


I have a set of data on a spreadsheet that has a large amount of row
and a few columns.

What I need: I want in one of those columns to have a drop down menu i
every of its cells that uses the input of a certain data range.

I started with using a combo box on the top cell of the column but no
I want it on every single cell in the column so that one of th
criteria's in the list can be selected. I don't want to copy the box o
every single cell and it should also only be shown that there is a dro
down list when the usere goes over the cell with his or her mous

I hope i managed to be clear in my explanation but if something i
unclear I can try to explain better maybe.

Every solution would be welcome!



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3/3/2004 9:06:09 AM
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Actually what I ment is when the user clicks/selects the cell, then th
drop down list should become possible to use

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3/3/2004 9:14:51 AM
> Actually what I ment is when the user clicks/selects the cell, then the
> drop down list should become possible to use.

Use menu data/validation/list then select the range containg data to input.
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3/3/2004 10:14:07 AM
I am happy, it works good and very easy!

Thanks a lot

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3/3/2004 10:37:12 AM

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