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i have a column of 'names' which i have used a dropdown list to produce i.e.

date                        name(drop downlist)
01/01/2009              john

i.e john dave etc in the list is there a way that if a change john to Jsmith 
that this will update all the rows that 'john' was chosen for!  
5/17/2010 11:34:01 AM
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themase wrote:
>i have a column of 'names' which i have used a dropdown list to produce i.e.
>date                        name(drop downlist)
>01/01/2009              john
>i.e john dave etc in the list is there a way that if a change john to Jsmith 
>that this will update all the rows that 'john' was chosen for!

Edit>Replace ( Replace john to Jsmith )

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5/17/2010 12:05:09 PM

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