Down Arrow problems

I am using Excel 2007 and whenever I press my down arrow on the keyboard it 
moves down one cell and over one cell to the right. I am trying to figure out 
what setting has made it this way. 

Does anyone know how I can change this so that when I hit the down arrow it 
goes down one cell only?
11/15/2009 12:04:01 AM
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Hi Jody

I cannot replicate your problem but it may be worth checking out your 
settings.  I'm assuming this problem is nothing to do with your keyboard and 
it works ok with other applications

Click the 'Office Button' - top left and in the new window select 'Excel 
Options'.  Select the 'advanced' option
and examine your settings in the 'Edit Options' area.

If  you always want the next cell selected to be the one below then change 
the setting in the first item to be down.  Then you will be able to use the 
enter key rather than the down key after each entry.

Hope this helps.  Let me know. 
"Jody" wrote:

> I am using Excel 2007 and whenever I press my down arrow on the keyboard it 
> moves down one cell and over one cell to the right. I am trying to figure out 
> what setting has made it this way. 
> Does anyone know how I can change this so that when I hit the down arrow it 
> goes down one cell only?
11/15/2009 8:15:01 AM
Like Arceedee, my first thought is sticking keyboard.  Does this happen when 
you use both the down arrow in the arrows group and if you turn Num Lock off 
and use the down arrow in the number pad.  If not, and it only happens when 
using the down arrow in the arrow buttons group, it could be a simple sticky 
key problem.

Also, is it all workbooks, or just one in particular.  There might actually 
even be a macro that is causing this.  It would be odd, but not impossible if 
someone had a need for such a function when using the workbook or a workbook 
that the one you've gotten is based on.

"Jody" wrote:

> I am using Excel 2007 and whenever I press my down arrow on the keyboard it 
> moves down one cell and over one cell to the right. I am trying to figure out 
> what setting has made it this way. 
> Does anyone know how I can change this so that when I hit the down arrow it 
> goes down one cell only?
11/15/2009 9:51:02 PM

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