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Hi everyone,

Im trying to do a timesheet for a uni project but i am having grea
diffuclty with one thing!

The current coding meanms that when something is selected in A1, D
shows todays date (2ndJune) which is what i want.

The problem is that the next day(3rd) when i then say select A2, D
shows the 3rd but changes A1 to todays date.

Can anyone help, im desperate to get this right!!!

Thanks steve;

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6/3/2004 9:29:13 AM
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Can you show us a snippet of the code? or post a small
version of your sheet?

I'm having difficulty envisioning what is causing the
A1 to change....

>-----Original Message-----
>Hi everyone,
>Im trying to do a timesheet for a uni project but i am 
having great
>diffuclty with one thing!
>The current coding meanms that when something is 
selected in A1, D1
>shows todays date (2ndJune) which is what i want.
>The problem is that the next day(3rd) when i then say 
select A2, D1
>shows the 3rd but changes A1 to todays date.
>Can anyone help, im desperate to get this right!!!
>Thanks steve;)
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anonymous (74722)
6/3/2004 1:05:40 PM

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