date in a text cell

I need to show my date as 06-Dec-2005 in a text cell.  Is it possible to have 
a regular date format in a text cell.


Dajana (14)
12/6/2005 10:12:01 PM
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If you format the cell as Text, then you'll have to type in what you
want--exactly the way you want to see it.

If you don't format it as text, you could type the date in anyway that's a date,
then use a custom format of:


(format|cells|number tab|custom category)

Dajana wrote:
> I need to show my date as 06-Dec-2005 in a text cell.  Is it possible to have
> a regular date format in a text cell.
> Thanks


Dave Peterson
petersod (12005)
12/6/2005 10:53:18 PM
Assuming date in C1......

="My birthday is on " &TEXT(C1,"dd-mmm-yyyy")

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Tue, 6 Dec 2005 14:12:01 -0800, Dajana <>

>I need to show my date as 06-Dec-2005 in a text cell.  Is it possible to have 
>a regular date format in a text cell.
12/6/2005 11:03:35 PM

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