Date Formats #4

I'm trying to change the date format from an American to 
an Australian format. I've tried to change the format in 
format/cells, but checking the AU option doesn't apply 
the changes and the example doesn't change as well.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
anonymous (74722)
3/2/2004 10:48:51 PM
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Hi Sammy!

Best may be to change your Regional Settings:

Start > Control Panel > Regional options
Change the country
Review the date forms offered

For a one off situation you can always pre-format with the Australian
date system by using Custom formats.

I believe that the setting of locale in Format > Cells only changes
the various options that are available. It doesn't change the default
for General format.

Norman Harker MVP (Excel)
Sydney, Australia
Excel and Word Function Lists (Classifications, Syntax and Arguments)
available free to good homes.
"Sammy" <> wrote in message
> I'm trying to change the date format from an American to
> an Australian format. I've tried to change the format in
> format/cells, but checking the AU option doesn't apply
> the changes and the example doesn't change as well.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance

njharker (1646)
3/3/2004 5:26:38 AM

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