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How can I enter a date without having to type a "/" between the month, day, 
and year?
magstate (3)
3/23/2005 6:11:02 PM
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magstate, have a look here
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Using Excel 2002 & 2003

"magstate" <> wrote in message
> How can I enter a date without having to type a "/" between the month, 
> day,
> and year? 

3/23/2005 6:15:22 PM
If you have a lot of dates to enter, take a look at



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"magstate" <> wrote in message
> How can I enter a date without having to type a "/" between the month,
> and year?

bob.phillips1 (6510)
3/23/2005 7:15:43 PM

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Hi I am working with Vista(one of a kind), and have a MFC application and would like to add small code that will get current time and date from the local compuetr. i meet an example in MSDN : but it looks too long for what i am looking, is there a 1 function API that returns the Date and the time ? thanks for your time Zack >Hi I am working with Vista(one of a kind), >and have a MFC application and would like to add small code that will get >current time and date from the local compuetr. >i meet an example in MSDN...

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