Cut and paste from Excel to Powerpoint


If I'm copying a table from Excel to Powerpoint, I usually use Paste
Special, then select Picture (Enhanced Metafile) to give me flexibility
to edit later in Powerpoint.

However, I find that if my table has more than about 15 columns, the
'pasted' version is truncated.

If I select another paste option (eg Bitmap), the whole table is
pasted, but this naturally reduces the quality and flexibility of the

Does anyone know how I can ensure that the whole table is pasted,
whilst retaining Enhanced Metafile format?

Many thanks,


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Embedding an Excel worksheet into a PowerPoint slide and having it
look the way you want hasn't always been easy.

Here's what works best for me (although someone may have a better

1.) In your slide, do the menu sequence Insert>Object.
2.) With "Create New" chosen on the left, pick "Microsoft Excel
Worksheet" from the list of Object Types and click OK.
3.) This puts a blank worksheet into your slide that you can actually
work on from within PowerPoint (you'll notice that the menu and
toolbars at the top are now Excel menus and toolbars).
4.) However, if you have already created your Excel worksheet in
Excel, then open Excel and open that worksheet.
5.) Highlight the area of that worksheet that you want embedded in the
6.) Do Copy (either Ctrl+C or Edit>Copy).
7.) Toggle back over to PowerPoint, click in the appropriate cell in
the embedded blank worksheet and do paste.  (Do NOT click off that
worksheet yet, however - keep it active).
8.) You can now size that embedded worksheet to increase or decrease
the number of visible rows and/or columns via the black handles.
9.) To increase or decrease the number of visible rows, use the black
handle at the bottom.  To increase or decrease the number of visible
columns, use the black handle on the right.  (The black handle at the
top can only be used to decrease rows, but not increase them. 
Likewise, the black handle on the left can only be used to decrease
columns, not increase them.)
10.) Once you've gotten the number of rows and columns the way you
want, click off the worksheet (in other words, click in a blank area
of the slide).
11.) Your worksheet now becomes an object.  If you click on it, white
handles will appear, and you can drag and drop it anywhere you want on
the screen.
12.) While in this object mode, you can resize it as an object but not
increase or decrease the number of visible rows or columns.  (NOTE: to
resize it proportionally, use only the white handles in the corners. 
Using the top or side handles will stretch or compress the object
13.) You may very well need to make it smaller if the number of rows
and/or columns will not fit on the page.  Once you make it smaller (or
larger if you want, for that matter), get the object back to a
worksheet to increase or decrease the number of visible rows and/or
columns.  Some trial and error with sizing the object using the white
handles before increasing or decreasing rows/columns may be called
14.) To get the object back to worksheet mode, right-click on it then
choose Worksheet Object>Edit from from the dropdown menu.

I hope this helps you.


eibon <<>> wrote in message news:<>...
> Hi
> If I'm copying a table from Excel to Powerpoint, I usually use Paste
> Special, then select Picture (Enhanced Metafile) to give me flexibility
> to edit later in Powerpoint.
> However, I find that if my table has more than about 15 columns, the
> 'pasted' version is truncated.
> If I select another paste option (eg Bitmap), the whole table is
> pasted, but this naturally reduces the quality and flexibility of the
> output.
> Does anyone know how I can ensure that the whole table is pasted,
> whilst retaining Enhanced Metafile format?
> Many thanks,
> O.
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