cut and paste filenames from explorer window

How can I cut and paste a filename from an explorer window 
into an excel spreadsheet.
9/16/2003 3:44:12 PM
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Select the file in Explorer, then click on it again - as if you're about to
rename it. That allows you to right-click and Copy and left-click and Paste
in Excel.


"david" <> wrote in message
> How can I cut and paste a filename from an explorer window
> into an excel spreadsheet.

andy2763 (218)
9/16/2003 3:50:07 PM
Hi david
You could try this in a cell on your worksheet

(this is atually "filename") ie type "filename"

"david" <> wrote in message
> How can I cut and paste a filename from an explorer window
> into an excel spreadsheet.

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mpb1 (60)
9/16/2003 4:31:47 PM
There are a lot of shareware/freeware options that allow you to grab the file
list from windows explorer.

I search and found this one (untried, though):

Another way is to get to a DOS prompt and traverse to your folder.

Then type:

dir > dir.txt

Then inside excel, file|open that dir.txt.  You'll see the data import wizard
and you can parse the file into nice columns.

david wrote:
> How can I cut and paste a filename from an explorer window
> into an excel spreadsheet.


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
9/16/2003 11:45:02 PM

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