Custom number format always defaults last number to 0.

I am trying to format cells to input credit card numbers in Excell 2000.  
When I set up a custom number format for four sets of four numbers 
(####-####-####-####) the result always changes the last number to a 0.  How 
do I overcome that?
scubadave (1)
6/15/2005 9:06:06 PM
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Excel only lets 15 digits be used in numbers To have the 16th number most 
people use text. 

"scubadave" wrote:

> I am trying to format cells to input credit card numbers in Excell 2000.  
> When I set up a custom number format for four sets of four numbers 
> (####-####-####-####) the result always changes the last number to a 0.  How 
> do I overcome that?
BJ (832)
6/15/2005 9:15:03 PM
Excel is limited to 15 digit numbers.

Since you aren't likely to be adding CC#s together, there is no reason you 
can't store them as text.

George Nicholson

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"scubadave" <> wrote in message
>I am trying to format cells to input credit card numbers in Excell 2000.
> When I set up a custom number format for four sets of four numbers
> (####-####-####-####) the result always changes the last number to a 0. 
> How
> do I overcome that? 

JunkGeorgeN (154)
6/15/2005 9:20:43 PM

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