Creating Toolbar on Word 2000 using built-in Visual Basic Editor

Hi All,

I have some queries.

I am creating Toolbar on Word 2000 using built-in Visual 
Basic Editor.

The CommandBar is created dynamically I dont know how to
take the values entered in its various controls at runtime.
When I enter something into ComboBox and I shift to 
another control
the value entered in the comboBox is lost. How to prevent 

I seem to have found out the following bug:

Below are the steps to reproduce the problem:

I have  reproduced this problem on Formatting Toolbar on 
Microsoft Office 2000.

1) Our office Toolbar application uses combo-box for 
facilating the user to enter a search criteria.
     Please select any combo-box on Formatting Toolbar. 
Enter a search criteria in the combo-box and click on 
     control on the same toolbar or on the client area. 
The value that was entered vanishes.

2) But if you enter some value again and then you press 
the TAB key and navigate to other control the entered 
     remains and does not vanish.

3) Now if I again try to enter another value in the search 
criteria combo-box and then click on any other control on 
    same toolbar or on the client area the value that I 
had previously entered appears and the current value 

4) Thus retention of value occurs only if TAB key is 
pressed after entering the search criteria but if I click 
on any other 
     control on the same toolbar or on the client area the 
value vanishes.

Thus maintaining of history is not possible as I am not 
able to take input from the combo-box.

How to insert icons on Toolbar

9/10/2004 12:01:03 PM
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