Copy and paste when using subtotal

When I am using the data, subtotal options and I collapse 
the data to only see the subtotals - I would like to copy 
and paste only those rows.  However when I copy and paste 
all of the collapsed rows come over.  How can I only get 
the subtotal rows???  Help

Need for a class tomorrow
anonymous (74722)
2/10/2004 1:13:05 AM
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Press F5, click special, select visible cells only, copy.



Peo Sjoblom

"Tom" <> wrote in message
> When I am using the data, subtotal options and I collapse
> the data to only see the subtotals - I would like to copy
> and paste only those rows.  However when I copy and paste
> all of the collapsed rows come over.  How can I only get
> the subtotal rows???  Help
> Thanks,
> Need for a class tomorrow

terre081 (3244)
2/10/2004 1:44:46 AM
Right before you do a copy
visible cells only

Then copy|paste.

Tom wrote:
> When I am using the data, subtotal options and I collapse
> the data to only see the subtotals - I would like to copy
> and paste only those rows.  However when I copy and paste
> all of the collapsed rows come over.  How can I only get
> the subtotal rows???  Help
> Thanks,
> Need for a class tomorrow


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
2/10/2004 2:16:51 AM

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